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Lil' Bubba® Digital Success - Get Digital. Get Noticed. Get Busy.

This offer is available exclusively to Lil’ Bubba® Curb System Clients. This specially design package is to compliment the Lil’ Bubba® Curb System Business on a Trailer model. The website included in this package is specifically developed to add additional services and features as you do the same with your business. We will grow naturally with you and we are here to help.

As your business begins, you will naturally see opportunities to offer services to your clients and we are here to help you share that message.

The on-boarding cost of $9450 is a one-time charge for delivery of all items included (listed below) in the Digital Success Package, and included Domain Registration and Website Hosting for one calendar year. Renewal of service is a flat fee $500, every 12 months, and includes Domain and Hosting Renewal as well as Minimal Maintenance Services, such as, photo edits & uploads as well as minor page edits or service additions. Rebuilds or Major Site Changes are billed at an hourly art rate.

Get Branding Right

The Lil’ Bubba® Digital Success Program is an invaluable resource for helping a new Landscape Curbing Business get off the ground.

Offered exclusively for Lil’ Bubba® Curb Systems clients, the Digital Success plan leverages the expertise of our on-site branding specialist, helping you to find the right identity for your unique curbing business.

This is the first step in setting your business up for success and the Lil’ Bubba® Print Shop is able to provide the critical branding and design elements that create the foundation for your new business’ image. In addition to helping to create a cohesive and recognizable look and feel, we also provide the vibrant graphics and printing that bring the vision to life in ways others can’t.

With a Custom Website, Digital Office Tablet, Customized Vinyl Trailer Wrap and other materials included in the package, we are helping new curbing business get started on the right foot.

1) Logo Design

Lil' Bubba® Print Shop Style Guide
We begin by understanding your vision and creating a custom logo tailored to your specific business. Once complete, you will own all necessary file versions, a comprehensive style guide (pictured above) with color specific call outs, and any fonts used.

2) Custom Vinyl Trailer Wrap

Custom Vinyl Trailer Wrap
We then create your custom vinyl trailer wrap tailored specifically to Lil’ Bubba® Curb Systems trailers with vibrant graphics and a UV-Coated Laminate to ensure years of life for your wrap and installation is always free here at our Orlando, Florida location.

3) Custom Designed Website

Custom Designed Website
Next we begin building your custom website with beautiful images of curbing and keyword specific text written with today’s best SEO practices in mind. Our websites are built specifically with the intention of growing with your business. As you invariably begin to add services to your business our website will highlight all services you offer in addition to landscape curbing. (Secure Domain Registration and Website Hosting is included)

4) Email Synchronization

Personalized Email Accounts
We will develop domain specific emails for your new business giving you that polished approach when sharing your email with potential clients. All website forms will be automatically synchronized to your email to ensure you never miss a new request for business.

5) Custom Business Cards

1000 Custom Business Cards

We develop 1000 custom designed business cards, specific to your personal branding, with eye-popping graphics, sturdy card stock and standard QR Code printed clearly to take respective clients directly to your website with a simple click on their phone’s camera.

6) Vinyl Yard Signs

Single-Color Vinyl Yard Signs
You will receive 100, wind-strong, single color yard signs to adjourn your most recent curbing installations, advertising to the neighbors for free. With these simple graphic signs you can advertise without the worry of HOA’s demanding immediate removal by your client. (Full Color Signs Available for Additional Cost)

7) Custom Printable PDF Flyer

Sometimes the simplest solution is best and with the grass-roots approach, the trusty Customized Pull-Tab Flyer has been getting people clients for years. You will receive Custom Printable PDF flyer to place on every coffee shop and hardware store bulletin board in your town to the next. Complete with Easy-Access QR Code. (Updates Available Per Request)

8) Digital Office Space

G Suite Implementation
A full digital office is at your finger tips. Business Tools for staying ahead such as GMail, GDrive and so much more. Stay efficient with the tools provided in your G-Suite. Including graphics created for you as well as a safe place to keep your logo. We build it for you and you use the tools however you like. (Scheduling Calender Available)

9) QR Codes & 5" Logo Decals

4 QR Code Decals & 5 5in Logo Decals
To get you started, you receive 4 QR Code Decals with point-and-click Direct Website Links to Your Website as well as 5, 5″ Die-Cut. UV-Coated Logo Decals of your companies logo. (Re-Orders Available Upon Request)

10) 16GB Thumb Drive (With Logo & Style Guide)

16gb Thumb Drive with Logo (AI, EPS, PDF, PNG & SVG)

You will receive a 16GB Thumb Drive with your logo in AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, & SVG file types. Also included, a PDF Style Guide for your Logo highlighting any colors and fonts used specifically in your branding to make future printing and marketing easy. (Usable Fonts Included)

11) Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Tie everything together with a Pre-Loaded Samsung Galaxy Tablet (iPad Available as Upgrade). Ready out the box on delivery. This Tablet will have your email loaded and ready to go as well as access to the GDrive and your website set as the browser homepage. (Pre-Loaded Images Included)

Custom Branded Website

  • Branding (Style Guide Development)
  • Logo Design (AI, EPS, PDF, PNG & SVG file delivery)
  • Personalized Business Domain Registration
  • SSL Security Certification (Browser Security)
  • Up to 4 Domain Email Accounts (Upgrades Available)
  • Safe & Secure Site Hosting
  • Anti-Virus & Malware Protection
  • SEO Optimized Design & Development
  • Custom Built Website (Designed to Grow with Your Business)
  • Keyword Specific Body Copy
  • Branded & Optimized Starter Image Pack

Digital Business Office

  • 15GB of Cloud Storage
  • Google Documents
  • Google Calender
  • Website Form Sychronization (With ReCAPTCHA)
  • Email Hosting and Security (Spam Filters Included)
  • Lil’ Bubba Instruction PDF Packet
  • Anti-Virus & Malware Protection
  • GDrive Filing System (includes Logo, Style Guide, Images)
  • Bookmarked Website & Backup Gallery
  • Tablet Pre-Loaded (Ready Out the Box)

Tangible Tools

  • 1000 Custom Designed Business Cards
  • 100 Single Color Vinyl Yard Signs (Upgrades Available)
  • 4 – 5″ Wide QR Code Decals
  • 5 – 5″ Die-Cut Vinyl Logo Decals (Re-Orders Available)
  • 16GB Thumb Drive (Logo & Style Guide)
  • Custom Designed Printable PDF Flyer
  • Custom Vinyl Trailer Wrap (*In-House Installation is Free)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Tablet (iPad Upgrade Available)
On-Boarding $9450
We Set-Up Your New Business for Success